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Doug Engelbart's 1968 demo. Where collaboration by computer began. The debut of the mouse, hypertext, object addressing and dynamic file linking, as well as shared-screen collaboration involving two persons at different sites communicating over a network with audio and video interface.



Medieval Help Desk

EPIC 2014 , media, 8:14

Heavy Metal Umlaut

Shift Happens

Did You Know? 2.0

Story of Stuff


Sugata Mitra's Online Educa 2007 opening keynote describes the The Hole in the Wall project. Impoverished children in remote Indian villages learn the web and more with no outside instruction. An amazing testament to the power of peer discovery and learning. 


Michael Wesch, digital anthropology

The Machine is Using Us, hypertext, 4:32

A Vision of Students Today, kids, 4:44

Education Can't Be Linear, world, 4:27

Information R/evolution, search, 5:29


Interview with Michael Wesch on anti-teaching at Online Educa 2009




Goodbye textbooks, hello, open-source learning, knowledge ecosystem, Richard Baranluk, 18:45

Do Schools Kill Creativity?, education, Sir Ken Robinson, 19:29


Stroke of Insight, inside the mind, Jane Bolte Taylor, 20:11

Do all languages have a common ancestor?, language, Murray Gell-Mann, 2:18

A life of fascinations, Nathan Myhrvold, 18:47

Tales of Passion, story, Isabelle Allende, 18:02

Photosynth, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, 7:41

"Memes and "temes", cultural Darwinism, Susan Blackmore, 21:01

Why squatter cities are a good thing, Stuart Brand, 5:02


Why we do what we do, motivation, Tony Robbins, 21:54

Why are we happy?, happiness, Dan Gilbert


Best of the TED talks

TED talks list

Internet Time Community TED talk topic


One-sided relationship (Advertising and consumer at lunch)


In Plain English


What is cloud computing?


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