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First Principles




Fairhaven School. 10-minute video on how it ought to be.

School 2.0 Manifesto

John Taylor Gatto, Mild, Stonger and Caustic: The Underground History of American Education



The Art and Architecture of Asking Powerful Questions by Eric E. Vogt





The Talent Myth by Malcolm Gladwell, 2002 

Designs for Working by Malcolm Gladwell, 2000



Informal Learning

Seven Principles of Learning, Institute for Learning Research 

Informal Learning -- the Other 80%, Jay Cross, 2003 

Learn More Now, Marcia Conner, Fast Company, 2005 

Learning Development Cycle, George Siemens, 2005 

Learning in the Digital Age by John Seely Brown 

Informal Learning by Marcia Conner 

The Future of Education by Don Norman 

Out of Control by Kevin Kelly



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