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Payback, Metrics, ROI

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Payback, Metrics, ROI

“It’s an immutable law of business that words are words, promises are promises, but only performance is reality."  Harold Geneen

Metrics archive 2000-



Making the business case for informal learning, 2008

The only meaningful way to assess any form of learning is performance. Are workers doing their jobs well? Is their work challenging? Are workers committed to becoming “all they can be?”


The income statement isn’t, 2008

Accounting deals with numbers that can be audited. The rub is that the value of American corporations has migrated from tangibles you can see and touch to intangibles such as reputation, intellectual capital, and customer relationships. Twenty-five years ago, intangibles accounted for less than a third of the value of the S&P 500; ten years ago, intangibles had grown to more than 80% of that value.


Intangibles Rule -  Meta-Lessons From the Net

Self-organization. The Internet is magical. It takes care of itself. From a few standards and protocols, the Net has woven itself without a weaver. It’s a tribute to the wisdom of gaining control by giving control. The lesson? Let it be. Trust the Force, Luke. Some things are destined to happen on their own. Let them.


ROI vs Metrics , Learning Circuits, 2004.


E-Learning: Apples and Oranges, Learning Circuits (2003) Perhaps corporations should consider how small an e-learning application can be and still get the job done rather than try to create monster centralized e-learning systems. In doing so, would companies lose economies of scale? Maybe. But consider this: As many as half of all grandiose, enterprise software initiatives fail to live up to expectations. Many simply fail.


The SunTAN Story (2001). "Appropriately enough for a company whose motto is 'The network is the computer,' Sun Microsystems started using eLearning to train newly hired sales people long before the term eLearning was invented....


A Fresh Look at ROI Learning Circuits (2000). "Where you stand on ROI depends on where you sit. Different levels of management make different sorts of decisions, so it's appropriate that they use different measures of ROI. In a nutshell, traditional accounting recognizes nothing but physical entities; intangibles are valued at zero. Vast areas of human productivity--ideas, abilities, experience, insight, esprit de corps, motivation--lie outside the accountant's field of vision. Accounting fails to recognize that people become more valuable over time."


Being Analog LiNEZine (2001). "Computers are bipolar. A bit is on or off. 1 or 0. Unless you're a digital processor, this binary thinking can trick you into oversimplifying what's going on. The human world is not yes or no; it's a sea of maybes. Most decisions aren't black or white; they're shades of gray. Are you liberal or conservative? Perhaps like me, you're a little of each. Treating the world as an open-or-shut case leads to thought crimes like "The Internet changes everything." In my work, I struggle with the knuckle-headed assumption that learning must be either instructor-led or computer-delivered rather than a blend of the two. Few things in life are really all or nothing."







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