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New Roles for Leaders and Coaches

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New Roles for Leaders and Coaches


Companies are not machines; they are living organisms. Yesterday’s organizational teams are giving way to organic bioteams. We are all leaders. We must keep one another informed in real time. We trust living systems to self-organize.


The future of management

Management values (e.g., control, precision, stability, discipline, and reliability) have not changed in a century. Business has streamlined strategy, production, services, and operations. We’ve cut the inefficiencies from every business process but the most important: management itself.


Not Without Purpose

People are emotional animals. Gut feelings are real. Stress disrupts productivity. Acting from the heart as well as the mind makes us better people and happier campers. In nature, you either escape the bear or get eaten. In the office, however, the mind conjures up bears that never let up. All-day stress overtaxes the body.


80/20 or Bust

20% of the sales force makes 80% of the sales

20% of the products account for 80% of the profits

20% of the defects cause 80% of the problems

20% of the suppliers provide 80% of the stock

20% of the staff causes 80% of the problems


On Demand, In the Soup, on the Path to Glory

To maximize shareholder value, invest in core and outsource everything else. All commercial software development is informed by the example of the internet. Adopt simple standards, be open, make connections, simplify, let it flow. Think virtual. 


RICH CLIENTS. No, not Warren Buffet and the Sultan of Brunei. We're talking portals. The intelligent front-end. Instead of a static jump page (Yahoo or your intranet, for example), a rich client portal is a dynamic, smart connection to people, news, processes, alarms, learning, and more.


The Changing Nature of Leadership LiNEZine (2001). "Wide, ever-shifting boundaries change all the rules. We once rewarded compliance; today we reward innovation. We once praised obedience; today we praise ad hoc solutions. Yesterday?s subversive employee is today?s innovator.





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