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Page history last edited by Jay Cross 12 years, 10 months ago
Marrakech, 1972              


Transparent Jay


This is a work in progress. Hell, life is a work in progress. This page is informal; here's formal information about me.


You can't expect to get well-connected in any community unless others know who you are. With that in mind, I plan to expose myself here. Vulnerable? Not really. I'm proud of my accomplishments. This is sort of a MySpace page, but I've seen too much. MySpace won't hold me.


Hope, Arkansas, population 10,000, is the Watermelon Capital of the World. I was born there, in the same room as Bill Clinton. I'll fill in the following half-century when time permits. My principles.


I am a speaker, author, designer, contrarian, curious, driven boy who was blessed with brilliant, hard-working parents who challenged me to do my best. My calling is to change the world by helping people learn to learn. I was the first person to use the term eLearning. I wrote the first business curriculum offered by the University of Phoenix. I've been on this quest for more than thirty years.



   jcc1 swiss3 Smokey the Leaping DogUtaCIMG1064 CIMG1099


  Work/life balance? I have none. I do what I like and I love my work. My blog. I've been blogging since mid-1999.


jayspkrThe Gallery Wall longnowposter DSC01944  jc_icons_7 sfsu 01-12-12.16.35DSC03402Doc, Bob Frankston, moi & TomTraining Solutions 06Tom Friedman & meimpcover_smallbook_sP8220035


I love digital photography. It lets me experiment without the cost of film or waiting time. It gives me two cracks to come up with a stunning photo: first, when I push the shutter button, and again when I edit the picture in PaintShop and Picassa. With a digital camera in my pocket, I'm always looking for shots; this makes me mindful of my surroundings. I particularly enjoy capturing irony in photos.


  L A Body Shapes Duh!  San Francisco For Magritte On Michigan Avenue steve CIMG0355



I didn't enjoy writing until I began blogging, and now I love it. A few examples:

From CounterCulture to CyberCulture, internettime.com, 2007

Work and the Web are Converging, Learning Circuits, 2006

Workflow Learning Gets Real, Training (cover) 2005

Meta-Lessons from the Net, CLO, 2005

Who Knows? and What Counts?, CLO, 2004

Personal Intellctual Management, CLO, 2004

eLearning -- You Built It - Now Promote it, Elearning Developer's Journal

Human Capital, LineZine, 2001

The Last Word: Food for Thought, LineZine, 2001

Frontline: eLearning Forum. My first piece for Learning Circuits, 2001

Time Matters, Profit Returns. Another commission assignment, 2001

Days in the Life of an eLearning, LineZine, My first gonzo piece,2000.

Learn Fast, Go Fast. The first white paper about eLearning, 1999

I enjoy travel, particularly in Europe.


Palais Royale CIMG0178 DSC04693 parl DSC04696 DSC04766 DSC03705 DSC03583Monte AlbanDSC03554 Brandenburg Gate P8010061 P10940 n10128 n10117 laarch



And I love to eat.


A l'Escargot DSC02725 Wurst guy CIMG2451 CIMG0424 DSC04222-1 > DSC01303 DSC04221-1   DSC01891 Crawdads Nice4_024_jpg Nice2_009_jpg



 I flip back and forth from thinking visually to thinking verbally. Hence, my blogs and writing are often illustrated. Down with the tyranny of text!


 services_triangle2Online ParticipationTime Flow MarkersInner TimeDollar inflation, time deflationThe eLearning Cloudsegments3 Learner-centricThe Last Yard  Blur> slideitprocess_eventsThe Informal Learning Paradoxmac_nano


Informal Learning: My philosophy of informal learning rests on my beliefs that people are fundamentally good, the future is uncertain, the universe is one immense system, business is biological, intangibles trump hard assets, connections are power, and everything is relative.






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