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internet time group

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What We Do

Internet Time Group LLC helps organizations  boost their collective brainpower. We have helped companies like Cisco, Eaton, Diageo, Intel, IBM, Sun, Genentech, Novartis, Smartforce, and HP...


  • become more responsive to change
  • replace traditional training with learning on demand
  • facilitate teamwork & collaboration
  • raise their collective intelligence with social networks
  • raise the bar from passing the test to learning without limits


Interent Time Group develops networks that encourage conversations that matter, nurture communities of practice, and build lightweight, bottom-up knowledge systems. The profit potential is phenomenal for organizations that have neglected human networks, faciliated conversation, and "soft" skills. 


On a typical assignment, we might work with a group of, say, highly-charged sales trainers. Their management wants them to focus on performance instead of training, to

think out of the box, and to work with one another to come up with innovations. We are the catalyst. Before our session we’ll take a survey or distribute a white paper. In a typical three-day retreat, we will schmooze with people at dinners to offer individual guidance and size up the situation. We'll spend from three hours to a day conversing with the group as a whole, explaining and demonstrating concepts but also brainstorming what opportunities to take advantage of immediately. Everything we do is custom.


We also give keynote presentations at conferences, coach CLOs and business managers, ghost-write corporate white papers, promote learning and development products for vendors, develop marketing strategies, and lead innovation projects. In mid 2008, we conducted a series of workshops on informal, web-based learning for banks, government agencies, college administrators, and open-enrollment.


Click for a more extensive Timeline.


We work in concert with Internet Time Alliance, a multidisciplinary think tank. The Alliance develops learning architectures that reduce time-to-performance, chop overhead, and increase innovation.



Because most executive-level questions beg multidisciplinary answers, you will rarely receive advice from just one of us. We each advocate curriculum-free, interactive, self-service learning. Open, participative, bottom-up, networked, flexible, responsive: that’s learning with business impact. 














Jay talks about unblended learning, emergence, grokking, envisioning, unconferencing, connecting, conversation, community, web2.0 and JDI (just do it). He makes the point that classes are dead, that every learner needs to cultivate an ecology, share via voicing, communicate using stories and build common text by collaborative editing (wikis).

 Denham Gray


Jay provides an important challenge for us all - to move our focus from the classroom to the workplace, and, in doing so, reframe what we do in ways that much more closely reflect how people actually learn and perform on the job.

Marc Rosenberg


Jay is one of the most courageous personalities I've ever encountered, especially in a field where self-interested cowardice is pretty much the rule. His clarity of vision on all things relating to learning in the corporate world is only matched by his commitment to helping others make it work. He cuts through nonsense with incredible speed and precision. Is Jay a revolutionary? Only in his long-term vision. For the rest his focus is on the nuts and bolts of human relations, which is what transfer and development of knowledge is all about.

Peter Isackson


Jay is an evangelist of the intelligent application of new learning methods and tools, and he helps organizations improve the performance of their people by speeding up their learning. Jay is also an absolutely great presenter, a good writer, and a sharp mind to work with.

Robin Good


Take a mega-high IQ, some Berkeley attitude, a dose of e-learning curiosity and you get Jay Cross. For opinion and analysis, nothing is as interesting or fun as Jay's blog.

Kevin Kruse, eLearning Guru


Jay Cross, among just a few others, gives me the impetus to keep on moving ahead into uncharted territory.

Michael Hotrum


You have been a tremendous help shaping our vision for the future of Learning at Intel. I was amazed at the way you engaged with us, brainstormed with us, and then created a presentation within hours, to reflect back our current and future situations. Your individual consultations and idea swap-meets get the creative brainstorming going and have helped us dream big and think beyond the norm. I love that you are able to peel away the layers of “business as usual” to see what’s really been happening all along. Even more than that, you’ve been able to consult with our learning leaders and articulate the true value of our shifting landscape (or learnscape!). As we put a plan in place for next year, it’s been a big help to look back on our time with you and identify some of our critical next steps.

Allison Anderson


Hi there Jay, I feel compelled to put fingers to keyboard as I'm up to Chapter 6 of Informal Learning and am absolutely bowled over by your work. I'm heading up a newly formed Learning Solutions team and we are keen to tranform ourselves from the formal to informal 'space'. You have articulated so beautifully what we are trying to achieve, but have struggled to put into words. I feel totally inspired to make this live and breathe in our organisation and am fortunate enough to work with a group of people who I know can make this work. Thank you so much - your insight arrived at just the right time.



The key to the 21st Century will be in learning how to leverage informal learning for us all. Jay provides us an evocative roadmap to how we can do this.

John Seely Brown





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