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Internet Rules for Management and Design

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Internet Rules for Management and Design


internet culture, 2008

The culture of tomorrow’s corporations will mirror the culture of the internet. For several years now, internet blow-back has shaped the thinking of management thinkers.


Web 2.0 and the Evolution of Instructional Design, Learning Circuits, February 2007


Work and the Web are Converging, Learning Circuits, June 2006


Designing a Web-Based Learning Ecology, Learning Circuits, February 2007


Beta today, beta tomorrow, beta forever

Label all learning activities beta. Engage the learners’ minds. For that matter, mark plans beta: It will invite participation. And make your department beta — after all, everything’s an experiment


The Transformation of IT

Web services and services-oriented architecture are utterly geeky terms for describing the most important advance in computing since the byte. Finally, computing is going to serve business instead of enslaving it.


Emergent Learning

Before the World Trade Center attack, the world was more predictable. Knowledge was power. Adaptability has now taken its place. Our requirements have changed. Corporations and government agencies are on permanent alert.


Loosely Coupled

Why would any CIO in his right mind embrace this Web Services business? Two words: Application integration. Inside corporations, anywhere from one- to two-thirds of all programmer time is spent splicing together applications so they can talk with one another. More than anyone likes to admit, integration is often accomplished by manually intervening to transfer data from one application to another ("swivel-chair integration" or "sneaker-net"). Unfortunately, in this sort of set-up, data only flows one way. When systems rely on one another, things rapidly fall out of sync.








The Roots of Workflow Learning

I doubt this cast of characters had ever appeared beneath the same roof before. SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Saba, Docent, Click2Learn, Plateau, Knowledge Products, Siebel, Sun, Thinq, vCampus, and Global Knowledge (now OnDemand) all sat at the same table.

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