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How to Grow a Business on Internet Time

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How to Grow a Business on internet time


Adaptation, CLO magazine 2008

We are in the midst of a great transition to an era of networks and service. Einstein’s relativity has replaced Newton’s clockwork universe...


Knowledge Flows, 2006

Time is speeding up. By any measure, we achieve more in one of today’s minutes and than your father did in one of his. The half life of a degree in electrical engineering is four years. Ray Kurzweil says the 21st Century will contain 20,000 20th Century-style years.


Changes Ahead, CLO magazine, 2006

Is your organization ready for massive change? Have your people learned how to cope with increasingly fast cycle times, escalating ambiguity and avalanches of incoming information? Do you have a Plan B if your current structure proves too brittle?


Ray Kurzweil, 2006

Unless we speed up the clock-time of our brains by manipulating our DNA, the only path to adaptation is learning. The faster the changes, the more learning will be required. Also see The Singularity Summit.


The Business Singularity, CLO magazine, 2004

Business is morphing into flexible, self-organizing components that operate in real time. Software is becoming interoperable, open, ubiquitous and transparent. Workers are learning in small chunks delivered to individualized screens at the time of need. Learning is becoming a core business process measured by key performance indicators.


Tomorrow's Too Late LiNEZine, 2002. How would you describe an elementary school principal who didn't conduct fire drills? Irresponsible. And how would you describe a chief operating officer who didn't prepare for crises? Typical.


Time Matters, Profit Returns (for X.HLP, 2001). While training directors may have different objectives than CEOs, everyone in today's business world shares one need: they want it all now.Given enough time, a million monkeys at a million terminals could develop your entire curriculum, with Flash animations and a repository of SCORM-compliant learning objects. Nobody's got time to wait."




Time archive


Brief History of Accelerating Change




Jim Spohrer, IBM Almaden



Internet time is shorthand for the accelerated pace of business and life brought about by networks and eBusiness. The amazing growth of Netscape is frequently cited as an example: in its first year, the firm accomplished what had taken others a decade or more. Some say a year of Internet time equals seven years of calendar time, but there's really no absolute measure. It's a concept, like a "New York minute."






Stewart Brand



How the average American spends time:


sleep 33 %
work 27.0
leisure 13.0
religion 1.4
eating 8.6
travel 10.0
illness 4.3
personal care 2.5




Steven Wright on time:


My girlfriend asked me how long I was going to be gone on this tour. I said "the whole time".




"I put instant coffee in my microwave oven and almost went back in time."




"Everywhere is within walking distance... if you've got the time."



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