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Blogger Beer Bash



November 7th, 2007

7:40 pm - 9:30 pm


Free. As in free beer.



KM & eLearning Bloggers Welcome!


The Tied House

65 N San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Ph: (408) 295-2739



Google map





We will have appetizers but I suggest you eat dinner before joining us.

Don't come before 7:30 pm unless you want to rub shoulders with zillions of San Jose Sharks fans.


BEER: Unlimited quantities of these beers, brewed on the premises, will be served:



This is a Northern American (Canadian Style) blonde or golden ale. Clean in both hop aroma and finish. It is as close to a lager as an ale gets.


This is a California style Pale/Amber. The Amber refers to the beautiful dark yellow and orange color. Not quite as hoppy as other Ambers, it is well balanced and leaves the palate full with a rich creamy feel. Our all-time best seller.


This is an English style Brown Ale. It gives you a full mouth feel, yet leaves your palate with a clean finish. The dark roasted malts are mild tasting and never overpowering. This is not a heavy dark beer. Our staff's favorite.


This is an American style Wheat beer - 50% Barley and 50% Wheat malt and using our special ale strain. Not clover or spicy like German varieties, but light, refreshing and clean with a typical low hopping.


WHO: The event is invitation-only but you are encouraged to issue invitations.


Take PICTURES!  Add them to flickr and tag them devlearn2007.


Invite your blogging colleagues but please don't post an open invitation. (We don't need a stampede.)


Put your name and the URL of your blog if you are coming. Post it to the wiki, leave a comment, or email jaycross@internettime.com


The password for making changes to the wiki is jay2007





  1. Jay Cross, http://internettime.com
  2. Tony Karrer, http://elearningtech.blogspot.com
  3. Clark Quinn, http://learnlets.com/wp
  4. Mark Oehlert, http://blogoehlert.typepad.com/e-clippings
  5. Brent Schlenker, http://elearndev.blogspot.com/
  6. David Holcombe, http://www.elearningguild.com/content.cfm?selection=doc.60
  7. Clive Shepherd, http://clive-shepherd.blogspot.com
  8. Lance Dublin, http://www.learningwiki.com/Lance+Dublin+Podcast:+Change+&+Learning
  9. Barb Krell,  http://bkrell.wordpress.com 
  10. Eric Sauve, http://technologyforcommunities.com/
  11. Jon Husband, http://blog.wirearchy.com/
  12. Frank Rickshen, Online Life Insurance Quotes
  13. Stuart Henshall, http://www.henshall.com/
  14. Ross Dawson, http://www.rossdawsonblog.com/
  15. Dave Snowden, http://www.cognitive-edge.com/
  16. Silke Fleischer, http://blogs.adobe.com/silke.fleischer/
  17. Ellen Wagner, http://www.elearningguild.com/events/speaker.cfm?id=225&eid=37
  18. Brad Hoyt (tentative), http://www.kmnews.com
  19. David Gurteen http://www.gurteen.com
  20. Mark Goldstein http://www.researchedge.com/ & Photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mg-irc/sets/72157602822059013/
  21. Stewart Mader http://www.ikiw.org
  22. Jeff Edwards http://www.leadintogold.com/
  23. B.J. Schone http://www.eLearningWeekly.com & http://www.eLearningPulse.com
  24. Steve Wexler http://www.linkedin.com/pub/2/6b9/227 and http://elearningguild.net/research/
  25. Phil Wolff http://SkypeJournal.com Used Cubicles
  26. Tom - Unlimited Knowledge Base | Satellite TV For PC | Send Free Text MessagesVonage Review | Myspace Layout Generator | Animated Myspace Layouts |
  27. Run Your Car On Water | Myspace Background Layouts | Recepti | Kako Zaraditi Na InternetuOnline Coupons 







Our event is being sponsored through the generosity of Adobe Systems.











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